WHEN WE DIE - Exploring the Great Beyond.
Dedication & Contents.

Geoffrey Farthing

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book cover When We Die - Exploring the Great Beyond

A Description of the After-Death States and Processes
'A unique, authentic, detailed account'

This book is dedicated to those who would help to alleviate the lot of humanity by liberating the human mind from its imprisonment in ideas generated and perpetuated by institutional and academic orthodoxy in the fields of religion and philosophy. For centuries such man-made ideas and their resultant divisions, especially in the religious field, have been - and continue to be - productive of the bitterest hatred and strife, as witness in our own day the antagonisms of Hindu against Muslim, Roman Catholic against Protestant, and the isolation of Jewish religionists from those of other faiths. The book is further dedicated to those who would work towards establishing peace and harmony among all peoples by promoting the practical realization of the brotherhood of humanity, transcending differences of race, religion, caste, class, political creed, or any other divisive element in human affairs. Humanity is but ONE: let us work for the recognition of this unity. - Geoffrey A. Farthing (1994)

Published 1994 Point Loma Publications. Published in cooperation with The Blavatsky Trust, England

The Trust has also published a PDF version available here

  Foreword ix
  Preface xi
  About the Author xv
Chapter I Introductory 1
Chapter II Necessary information 5
Chapter III Man's Complex Nature 17
Chapter IV Dying and Soon After 25
Chapter V The Death Struggle and Gestation State 33
Chapter VI The Second Death and Devachan 41
Chapter VII Rebirth and Karma 57
Chapter VIII Exceptions: Suicides and Accidents 67
Chapter IX Spiritualism 75
Chapter X More About the Ego, and Immortality 85
Chapter XI The Keys of Life 91
Appendix Some Supplementary General Information 95
Glossary Glossary 109
  TABLE I - The Constitution of Man 23
  TABLE II - The After-Death States and Processes 65


These extracts from The Mahatma Letters are made with the kind permission of the Trustees for the Mahatma Letters Trust. The actual Letters are in the British Library. The first two editions of the Letters were published by Rider and Company; the third revised edition (1962) edited by Christmas Humphreys and Elsie Benjamin, is published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, India.

In the extracts, remarks in brackets, and prefaced by "Note", are the compiler's. All other parentheses are in the letters themselves. Page references are to the third edition, with older edition paging given afterwards where it differs.


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