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Geoffrey Farthing

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A comprehensive description, in outline, of the processes and subjective states in the period between lives, with some information about spiritualistic and psychic phenomena.


A compilation of extracts from The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, forming an account of the after-life processes. It is intended chiefly for use by theosophical students because of the technical terms used and the nature of the authority claimed for the material; yet some members of the public may find it acceptable. It is to be hoped that the extracts will be used by students, in suitable terms, in their lecturing and writing but omitting, where necessary, the "authority".

Compiled by Geoffrey A. Farthing.
Harrogate, Septeber 1966.

"We tell you what we know, for we are made to learn it through personal experience." K.H. (p.128: 131, old edition,)

1 Present Views on the Subject 1
2 The Facts According to The Mahatma Letters 5
3 Dying and Just After 8
4 The "Death Struggle" and "Gestation State" 13
5 The Subjective Heaven World, Devachan 18
6 Rebirth, Karma and Other Information 24
7 Suicides and Accidents: Exceptions 31
8 Psychic and Spiritualistic Phenomena 39
9 Immortality 45
10 Summary 48
  TABLE I. The Principles of Man 51
  TABLE II. After Death States and Processes 53


These extracts from The Mahatma Letters are made with the kind permission of the Trustees for the Mahatma Letters Trust. The actual Letters are in the British Library. The first two editions of the Letters were published by Rider and Company; the third revised edition (1962) edited by Christmas Humphreys and Elsie Benjamin, is published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, India.

In the extracts, remarks in brackets, and prefaced by "Note", are the compiler's. All other parentheses are in the letters themselves. Page references are to the third edition, with older edition paging given afterwards where it differs.


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