'Theosophy - What's it all About?' -
Table of Contents

By Geoffrey Farthing

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Geoffrey Farthing in this compact introductory book argues that Theosophy is probably the most important single thing that mankind could or should know about. Theosophy, he says, deals with the very nature of man's existence in every aspect and at every level of being, and that there are more of these levels than are normally dreamed of. The book's purpose is to let it be known that such a thing as Theosophy exists, and to say something of what it's all about. A brief summary of a wonderfully exciting and vitally important subject.

  Foreword vii
1 Introducing Theosophy 1
2 Fundamentals and Origins 8
3 The Purpose of Life? 16
4 The Total Make-up of Man 22
5 Life After Death 30
6 The Law 37
7 Reincarnation or The Continuity of Life 44
8 Evolution by Self-Effort 50
9 Scientific and Esoteric Knowledge 59
10 The Way to Understanding 68
11 Theosophy and Religion 75
  Bibliography 83


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