Can be adapted for individual guidance.

Prepared by Geoffrey Farthing

A Resource for Group Leaders


1 Meditation Guide Contents
2 Meditation Guide Introduction
3 Meditation Guide Course Leaders
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Meditation Guide: Content of Sessions
     1st stage Introductory
     2nd stage Intermediate
     3rd stage More Advanced Practice



      Group 1 Preliminaties and Closure

      Group 2 Observation & Concentration
      Group 3 Classical, Miscellaneous
      Group 4 Theosophical Fundamentals
      Group 5 Devotional & Mystical
      Group 6 Consciousness-Raising

  H.P. Blavatsky Diagram of Meditation

In addition to Geoffrey Farthing's material on meditation, attention is drawn to H.P. Blavatsky's Diagram of Meditation and a commentary published in The Theosophist May 2003



The purpose of this online guide is to offer some suggestions for effective and safe exercises in concentration and meditation. It is mainly in the form of guidance to group leaders to provide them with material suitable for introductory courses. The material is at various levels, and is sufficient for some years. The course material and its procedures are classical and have been well tried and used by individuals and groups of all kinds. The course is primarily for beginners and elementary groups. It is in the form of a variety of exercises to get people used to meditational practice. It does not cater for the really accustomed, competent meditator - they will have discovered their own way into the inner worlds after possibly having had some individual guidance. This is a course for those who want preliminary help and stimulation to get them started on the great quest for self-knowledge and self-realization.

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