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Geoffrey Farthing (1909-2004)

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Geoffrey Farthing

Geoffrey Farthing T.D., C. Eng,. M.I.E.E.

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A lifelong student of Theosophy, Geoffrey was one of Theosophy's finest minds and became one of it's all time greatest exponents. He had studied Theosophy for some 60 years, lecturing in many countries. He held numerous positions in the Theosophical Society in England including General Secretary (1969-72). He served a term as a member of the Society's General Council at Adyar, India and was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation for a number of years. He was a founder director of the European School of Theosophy. The school's annual study week convened all over Europe was the occasion of some of his finest lectures and where he shared some of his deepest insights into the nature of the Esoteric Philosophy. In addition he arranged numerous weekends at Tekels Park, to study The Secret Doctrine.

After an early upbringing in Manchester, Geoffrey progressed to boarding school at Stowe and then on to train as a professional Chartered Electrical Engineer. He began his career with the Central Electricity Board before joining the Territorial Army just before the outbreak of the Second World War where he rose to the rank of Major with the Royal Signals. Following the war he became Chief Commercial Engineer for the Yorkshire Electricity Board until his retirement when he began work for the Theosophical Society and continued in lecturing, writing and committee work for the next 30 years, during which time he worked as General Secretary of the English Section for three years and served for some years on the Executive Committee of the European Federation.

Geoffrey was awarded the International Theosophical Society's highest award 'The Subba Row Medal' in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to theosophical I literature. His books included, Theosophy ~ What's It All About?, Exploring The Great Beyond; When We Die, Deity Cosmos And Man; After Death Consciousness And Processes and The Right Angle (a theosophical view on Masonry) extract. His most recent book Foundations ~ The Kabala and Theosophy, is currently being published. He produced four: introductory booklets, Aspects of Divine Law online; The Ancient Wisdom, The Wisdom Religion and Modern Theosophy: Origins And Intentions A Trilogy. He gave two Blavatsky Lectures which have been published, Life, Death and Dreams and Theosophy - Its Beneficent Potentialities online. In addition he wrote a technical booklet questioning the assumptions about the Etheric Double.

His final work is The Word. It uses quotations from the theosophical literature to explain in depth the significance and meaning of the many technical words used in Theosophy. It is hoped that this will be published posthumously. He supervised the production of four videos, Blavatsky, Theosophy for Everyone, When We Die and Religion for Our Time. In addition there are numerous audio tapes of his lectures and teaching materials. Many of his articles have appeared in The Theosophist magazine.

Geoffrey Farthing died on 30th May 2004 at his home in Leatherhead, aged 94.

A further biographical account and tribute to the life and work of Geoffrey, including Geoffrey's views on the distinction between Theosophy (as presented by that of H.P. Blavatsky and The Masters), and that of later (Neo) Theosophy, written by Carlos Cardoso Aveline is available here: Life And Work of Geoffrey Farthing


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