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The Life of Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY

- is a revealing video drama documentary portrait of the life and work of one of the most remarkable and fascinating women of modern times, the 19th century Russian mystic, Helena Petrovna, Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society.
With Anna Tzelniker, Gemma Jones & Ronald Hines.

65 mins VIDEO, Published 1992,
A Shipman Production for The Blavatsky Trust

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Theosophy For Everyone
The Art of living --- the science of life

- A simple video introduction to theosophical teachings.

52 mins VIDEO, Published 1994
A Shipman Production for The Blavatsky Trust

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What Happens - When We Die

A Documentary video Film presented by Philip Madoc. How the teachings of theosophy shed light on the natural processes of death & rebirth.

48mins VIDEO, Published 1996
A Shipman Production for The Blavatsky Trust

Religion for Our Time

Could it be that religion as we know it is now in the evening of its day? Real religion must be individual, relating to one's own spirituality. Each must be free to find his or her own way to spiritual truth. In this video international actor David Soul, leads us through a series of questions to which in Theosophy he has discovered some answers. They help us to understand something of our true nature and our relationship to the inner divinity of universal Being. The great religions have been based on these truths but they have often been overlaid by superstitious obscurities. Nature, however, even if shyly preserving some inner secrets can never deceive us. She is the sure base for Religion For Our Time.

48mins VIDEO, Published 2002
A Shipman Production for The Blavatsky Trust

Can be ordered from The Theosophical Society (see top of page)


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