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Geoffrey Farthing

Geoffrey Farthing T.D., C. Eng,. M.I.E.E.

A lifelong student of Theosophy, Geoffrey was one of it's finest minds and became one of it's all time greatest exponents. He studied Theosophy for some 60 years, lecturing in many countries. He held numerous positions in the Theosophical Society in England including General Secretary (1969-72). He served a term as a member of the Society's General Council at Adyar, India and was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Ferderation for a number of years. He was a director of the European School of Theosophy and its annual study week convened all over Europe was the occasion of some of his finest lectures and where he shared some of his deepest insights into the nature of the Esoteric Philosophy.

Geoffrey was awarded the International Theosophical Society's highest award 'The Subba Row Medal' in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to theosophical literature.

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